The making of

All my designs are created digitally by hand. This sounds like an oxymoron, but I consider my work to be digital fine art. I prefer to create minimally using a drawing tablet and touch pad. This tactile process involves drawing shapes and lines and carefully carving back (using an eraser) to create shapes, layer upon layer.

My digital collages are created in a similar layered away. Adding new elements and manipulating multiple snippets until the final artwork takes shape.

All of my work is underpinned by my own photography and countless years of wandering around playing with light and form behind the lens.

Whimsical modern illustration of little girl sitting in water 

I used to exclusively paint with acrylic on canvas but since discovering the digital art world in 2019, I have become reinvigorated with a new artistic freedom.

Each design takes time to complete. Often a day or even a week can go by on a single artwork. I don’t notice this time in the same way as my intuitive process is a satisfying worthy journey in itself.

From screen to print...

The moment of first seeing my art born into the physical world with vibrant pigment inks on paper is awesome. I can’t really explain the artist joy within when I see my on screen creation, printed and alive in my hands.

This….never gets old. It is magic. 

Lately, I have been experimenting with diverse print mediums for walls, windows and composite aluminium. Seeing a larger than life print of my work...just gold! 


Up close details of artist print

Bright colourful abstract digital illustration of a girl playing with a puddle of water