Cabbages might not be the first thing that comes to mind for beautiful flowers, yet during Japan's early winter, ornamental cabbages with their vibrant, intricately patterned leaves transformed my view of the season's colours.

Initially spotted in café vases, their presence soon seemed ubiquitous, an almost comical constant in my travels. Motivated by my habit of undertaking specific projects to deepen travel experiences, I started photographing these unique displays. Roaming from town to suburb, I was particularly drawn to the charm of small commercial gardens cultivating them.

This collection represents just a glimpse of my extensive Cabbage Journey following Japan's unexpected winter blossoms, offering a burst of unconventional beauty in the chill.

Arrangement of pale yellow ornamental cabbages with pink centers in a large yellow pot, set on a cobblestone surface, showcasing urban horticulture.
Close-up of a rich purple and cream ornamental cabbage duo with a delicate rosette pattern, highlighting natural winter flora in Japan."
Japanese commercial garden with rows of ornamental cabbages, vibrant purple tops contrasting with green leaves, against an urban backdrop.
Foreground focus on a pale pink and cream ornamental cabbage in a Japanese garden, with a soft blur of urban houses in the background.
Elaborate floral arrangement featuring ornamental cabbages, pine branches, and bright berries, set against a park with artistic sculptures.
Pink and green ornamental cabbage close-up with delicate rosette center, nestled among other cabbages with purple leaves on gravel soil.
Vibrant purple ornamental cabbage surrounded by variegated leaves and yellow-tinged cabbage in a Japanese garden, symbolizing winter beauty.
Dew-speckled ornamental cabbages with glittery edges, in soft focus, adding sparkle to a serene Japanese nursery setting.
Vivid purple ornamental kale glistening with water droplets, showcasing intricate leaf patterns against a blurred garden background.
Public garden display with patterned rows of cream and purple ornamental cabbages around a large rock and twisted tree trunk.

Even in the coldest seasons, nature finds a vibrant way to remind us that beauty thrives in the most unexpected places.

x Bella

March 22, 2024

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