Welcome to my colourful world. 

My designs are available for non-exclusive commercial license. I am also available for exclusive collaborations.

I create my work with pen and paper, digitally finished using Adobe Photoshop. 

Products of exisiting clients include; takeaway coffee cups, jig saw puzzles, framed prints, canvas art, cushions, social media branding, vinyl window art, greeting cards and waterproof stickers.

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I would love to hear from you to discuss license arrangements for your products.

Please contact me here or send an email to ahoy@unratio.com

Thank you Bella

Artwork Portfolio

Tropical Haze Collection

Artist Statement: Tropical Haze is a travel inspired series that follows a meandering route of calming pastels, apricot hued sunsets, and soft tropical vistas. It is a collection of floral daydreams based on hand drawn sketches, I made while slowly travelling through South East Asia. Each drawing is brought to life with a pastel chalky colour pencil aesthetic. The art reflects on slow travel, savouring, lingering and appreciating with delight. 

Bright Beach Collection

Artist Statement: Capturing sunshine to enjoy all year round, this collection plays with a contemporary twist on the classic Hamptons coastal stripes. The colours used are a nod to 80s nostalgia and a free roaming childhood. 


Headland Collection

Artist Statement: Inspired by a weekend getaway to a cottage by a bay. From the front window, you could watch the sea terns dive and the last ferry leave the island. Set during the transition between Autumn and Spring, this collection explores an abstract portrayal of the rocky landscape and coastal dune plants using soft orange and pink warmth to capture the late afternoon sunshine. 

Terracotta Beach Collection

Artist Statement: This collection is influenced by art deco and vintage floral design. I played with infusing these patterns into the water and sky. These are romantic colourful daydreams, drawn from nostalgia and whimsical childhood imagination. 


Retro Beach Collection

Artist Statement:  Mostly drawn during the height of the pandemic, over summer, this collection aims to bring joy, hope and optimism through a playful use of bright 80s neon colours. At the time, I spent many long days exploring the beaches and coastline in my home town, as collectively we all tried to look at the bright side of life. 

Summer Blooms Collection

Artist Statement: Inspired by classic annual garden flowers that bloom in late summer, this is an abstract floral collection featuring large up close petals.  I love how in the garden, yellows, orange, red and pinks seem to be preparing for Autumn but still have the pep and joy of warm sunshine. 

Bohemian Tropicana Collection

Artist Statement: Immerse yourself in tropical gardens, lush jungle foliage and exotic flowers with an intricate lace embroidery textural aesthetic. Inspired by the beauty of a wild paradise, sultry nights and the sensory delights of tropical fruits. Featuring warm blush, ochre, navy and magenta pink hues, this is a contemporary bohemian take on classic tapestries and still life. 


Mirror Selfies

Artist Statement: I am fascinated with how social media and mobile phone behaviour is changing our society, altering our connection with the world.  In these portraits, the face is obscured by the phone, giving a thin veil of facial anonymity and the body appears to be part of the background pattern. This mini series is created as digital collages, using antique floral and batik textiles layered with illustration.

Female Portraits

Artist Statement: With a common theme of solitude, contemplation and observation this is a collection of female portraits and self portraits, drawn over the years. 

Ethereal Collection

Artist Statement: In my earlier work, I focused on creating wild feminine and bohemian coastal dreamscapes. Created as digital collages using a mix of celestial images, antique floral textiles/paintings, and my own photography and drawings.