I draw the dreamy summers we all cherish, turning nature's beauty into simple, hopeful art that brightens your heart and home.

Hi there, I'm Bella, the artist behind Unratio. While I'm currently exploring the vibrant vibes of Southeast Asia, my heart belongs to Australia's east coast.

Artistic Journey

In 2018, I began creating art as Unratio (meaning abstract not in proportion or pattern), where I bring flowers, nature, and the sea to life with a touch of summer's vivid colours.

Using harmonious pastel palettes, each piece evokes peace and well-being, blending realistic and abstract elements with human figures to immerse viewers in joyful natural environments. The fluid, dreamlike aesthetics and bright, soothing colours create a dynamic experience.

Each piece reflects the carefree joy of childhood imagination, creating a place that lives in memory, embracing optimism and nostalgia.

Watching my children play by the sea reignited my appreciation for life's small, marvellous details. This sense of wonder flows into my vibrant, colorful landscapes, radiating joy and optimism. Many find that my work evokes their own coastal memories, connecting us through a shared love for the landscape.

For a deeper dive into my artistic journey,  learn how I started here.  

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The Healing Power Of Nature

There is a duality in my work, forming a calming undercurrent that is thoughtful and contemplative. To cope with change, stress, and life's pressures, I turned to nature for its grounding and restorative ability. My art naturally began to explore this relationship, focusing on the happy, healing spaces nature provides.

Every artwork at its core radiates the profound joy and optimism that the beauty of the natural world evokes. 

Explore My Work

I offer digital downloads, allowing me to live freely and travel often. This lifestyle reflects the carefree spirit of my work and ensures continuous inspiration from nature.


Artist Statement

My art captures the calming and healing qualities of nature with vibrant pastels and fluid aesthetics. Each piece evokes peace and well-being, providing a visual sanctuary in a chaotic world.

Where else can you find me?

You won't find me on popular social media platforms; my carefree spirit thrives this way. But I'm always here to connect through email , and you can find me on Pinterest

Let's collaborate!

I offer bespoke services and accept commercial, private commissions, and digital licensing arrangements. My bold, graphic style brings modern abstract colour to architecture and interior design. Reach out to discuss your project and let's create something beautiful together. 

 x Bella

Please reach out any time - ahoy@unratio.com