Hello, my name is Bella.  I am the artist behind the label Unratio.  

Right now I am travelling through south east Asia soaking up tropical jungle vibes, giant plants, seriously gorgeous textiles and talented art. But home is the east coast of Australia. 

You can read about how I became an artist and what my story is here.

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I started making art under the name, Unratio (meaning abstract not in proportion or pattern) in 2018.

My work is the fine art of flowers, nature and the sea, inspired by summer colour and heritage patterns.  My bright, colourful, abstract landscapes and nature drawings, capture the carefree spirit of childhood imagination and joy. My art is about a place that lives in colour and memory.  A beautiful nostalgia with prevailing optimism.

I draw the summer of dreams. 

I often get told that my work reminds people of their own coastal memories. It is humbling and motivating that we can relate to each other through a shared connection to our landscape.

I sell my artwork primarily as digital downloads. This enables me to live in remote places and travel often. 

My seasonal collections of limited and open edition Fine Art Prints are also available both online and with select local and international stockists

Where else can you find me?

I am not on popular socials. My carefree art and mind seems to thrive this way.

I do diligently listen to email and would love to engage with you. There is a big world out there to hang out in.  

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Let's work together

I also deliver a range of bespoke services and am available for commercial and private commissions and digital license arrangements. 

My bold graphic illustrative style translates well across various mediums including wall vinyl murals,  glass and composite aluminium panels. If you are looking to bring modern abstract colour to your architecture and interior design please contact me to discuss your project.

 x Bella

Please reach out any time - ahoy@unratio.com

Bright whimsical modern coastal illustration by Australian artist Unratio