Artist Story

I am Bella, a digital artist with a tilt towards abstract landscapes explored through illustration, photography and collage. I love the boho beach aesthetic infused with bright bodacious colour.

In my work, I am inspired by life on the edge of the wilderness and ocean. Themes of water, ripples, reflections and shadow intertwine throughout my illustrations. A sense of childhood playfulness or even nostalgia with bubbly optimism spills over into vivid colour palettes. I enjoy playing with bold delightful colour to create unconventional coastal depictions of life by the sea. 

Bright whimsical modern coastal illustration by Australian artist Unratio

I have a fascination with art deco/mid century design, florals and global textiles. I consider myself a bohemian romantic and elements of this can be seen in my designs.

When I am not walking barefoot on the beach or trying distant street food, home is a remote part of Australia. This is why I sell my designs as digital downloads. You get my art in your pocket instantly and can be creative with how you choose to use it.

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Woman using laptop computer while sitting on floor in boho lounge room.

All products are my copyrighted designs and photography. 

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 Modern whimsical seaside illustration by Australian artist Unratio