The Maze Bar in Dalat (Vietnam highlands) has an unassuming entrance. From the road it looks like a narrow building, a few stories high, covered in vines.

Once inside you discover it goes few levels underground and then extends right back to a tiered garden, with beautiful flowers, curved trees and stone wall. It is clever and creative architecture, with dark tunnels, steep stairs and hidden rooms. The goal is to start on the bottom floor and find the top of the garden.

The top of the garden | Maze Bar Dalat Vietnam

The entry fee is a drink purchase. I can tell you now that holding a cup of purple butterfly pea soda and balancing the stairs and crawling between caverns is a juggle, with said drink and a day pack.

Down on the bottom level | Maze Bar Dalat Vietnam

Exploring the rear garden on my way to the top | Maze Bar Dalat Vietnam

It is a wonderful artistic activity full of surprises around every corner. From space to space the maze is adorned with countless face sculptures and little shrines of unusual collectibles.

It is rustic, seemingly unpolished but the design is thoughtful and talented. It is clearly a labour of love. 



The bar is also called The 100 Roofs Bar. You can see why, when you see the vista from the top of the garden. 

Lady of the garden overlooking the town | Maze Bar, Dalat Vietnam


Stone walls and rambling garden | Maze Bar, Dalat Vietnam

Unexpected places add excitement to life and ignite a creative happy energy. On a well beaten tourist trail, all the attractions can seem a bit cliche and repetitive at times. Well done to the creators for making a truly unique place. 

xx Bella




June 28, 2023

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