Sitting in a deck chair besides a small hostel pool in Pai, Thailand, I could not stop staring at this amazing palm tree. 

With no neighbouring trees or buildings impeding growth, this was a perfect specimen, with large pleated fronds fanning out in every direction. 

It reminded me of a quote I had recently read by Joseph Tuscan that I love:

Does a tree have any idea which direction to grow? No. It is aggressively open minded and grows in the direction which it can. It makes the most of opportunities that present themselves. One cannot predict how it will look and which direction it will grow, but it will be optimal given the circumstances because it adapted to its circumstances and didn't have a rigid plan it tried to impose on a changing world. If we do not let the world teach us, it teaches us a lesson. 

What a great analogy when considering my own flexibility and adaptability in life and it really explains those trees you see bent and thriving in unusual places and positions. 

This palm however had a blessed life and grew magnificently proportioned. It seemed so mighty, beautiful, confident and grown to full potential. 


I loved this palm and adored it for days before getting out my sketch pad. 

I fussed for the longest time over colours, wanting something other than green. 


So here it is. 



This work is called "Palms in Pai." It is a celebration of a flourishing life and being firmly planted, rooted deeply in the right place beside water. 

You can find this artwork here in my ETSY shop

x Bella


March 19, 2023

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