On the channel side of the island, low tide exposes vast stretches of sand. The receding water leaves behind beautiful carved ripple patterns in the sand. When low tide coincides with sunset these grooved patterns cast dark shadows. The remaining pools of shallow water, glisten in the late setting sun. 

It is a perfectly glorious chance to explore on foot a world that spends half of its day submerged by water. There are crabs, starfish, shells and interesting rock and seaweed formations. Shadows are long this time of day. As you comb over the landscape, this makes your own shadow appear spindly like a giant crab.

I have long been fascinated by the connection between water and air. The patterns created on the sea floor by the ocean currents mimic the patterns that can be seen while flying high over sandy deserts and dunes. Likewise air currents can make these same ripple patterns with clouds in the sky and on the surface of water.

This setting is the inspiration behind my piece titled “Lunawanna.”


November 27, 2022

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