Summer is fleeting in the far south of the equator. There is tell tale signs that the much anticipated warmer days are about to start. Usually the wait feels long. Then comes the blue skies, the scent of summer wildflowers in the dunes and slightly longer days. The wait is over and I am ready to take the plunge.


The water is still cold. Not icy but cold enough for only a quick dip. Skin feels warm after. Salty exuberance takes over. This moment is bliss. This is the very start of many more beach days to come.

I created this series of 5 square designs, capturing the elation of early summer beach days.

The colours match with the palette of my Seafoam collection.  I drew these about the same time. I don’t usually create square artwork. I had to adjust my usual visual proportions.

Each design can be printed as large as 30 inches in high resolution. Personally I think these would look very cute printed as small square mini prints, resting in a neat cut wood block. Something to glance at on the shelf as you grab the car keys or daydream in the office.

September 06, 2022

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