Seeing little love hearts between the leaves in the courtyard | Excerpt from my artist sketchbook | Colour pencil drawing


In the realm of abstract drawing, the art of omission often holds as much power as the act of creation. This principle is particularly evident when I draw leaves. It's a subtle dance of presence and absence, where the spaces left untouched breathe life into the composition. The essence of a leaf isn't solely defined by its outline but by the interplay of light and space that surrounds it.

When I sketch leaves, I focus on the negative spaces—the gaps where light filters through, creating patterns that speak to the delicate balance of nature. These spaces are vital elements inviting the viewer to fill in the blanks with their interpretations and emotions.

The spaces between the leaves become as important as the leaves themselves and once you start to notice this space you begin to see the world differently.

Inspired by the dancing light and wonderful little abstract shapes of the leaves. Behind this wall is the music department of a school, so my plein-air drawing session had a wonderful and often amusing soundtrack.


 The Oxalis triangularis, commonly known as the Purple Shamrock. Such stunning ornamental leaves, with a distinctive and beautiful triangular shape. 


Looking skywards under the cover of late Autumn.


Here are samples of my digital illustrations featuring tree-lined horizons, crafted by omitting small circular shapes. Next time you gaze at a scenic vista filled with trees, try squinting your eyes—you'll see the world as I do.


Capturing the setting sun through distant pine trees.


An excerpt from my artist sketchbook, inspired by a moment of early morning peace sitting in the shade at an alfresco cafe, drinking coffee. As I looked up at the trees, I was captivated by the diamond flower shapes formed by the spaces between the leaves.


Spaces Between | Digital drawing by Unratio 


From alfresco cafe sketch to an extra large digital drawing - this is the final artwork.

If you love this piece, it is available for instant download (in over 30 sizes) in my shop. 

Next time you are under a tree, look up and find your own shapes in the light shining through. 

xx Bella

May 23, 2024

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