Digging back through my sketchbook, I found a couple of early pencil drawings of mine.

In a playful mood this week and harbouring a desire to tie up loose ends in my quest to be organised, I turned these two drawing into digital artworks.

I left them largely how I drew the original sketch, choosing to keep the simplicity. I love colour but for practicing pen and pencil drawing I am forcing myself to use only a lead pencil. Adding the colour to each design is the best part of creating the digital piece.

I am reading “No More Starving Artist” by John Paul Fischbach at the moment. In this book he says that artists create emotion. Emotion is both the benefit we provide to people and the need in the market we satisfy.


I am trying to figure out exactly what emotion I provide. This will help me connect better with my customers and grow as an artist. I tend to just create what flows within me, so working backwards to find the need is not intuitive to me at all.

I have always loved textiles and flowers. 

Looking at these two new designs, I like to think there is an emotion of childhood nostalgia, innocence and curiosity. Flowers I think provide contentment, delight, gratitude, positivity, purity and love. 

I particularly seem to gravitate towards the 60s and 70s depiction of florals. They beam fun, happiness, groove and style. The mustard yellow design is inspired by an original retro tablecloth. 

These drawings don't belong to any specific collection of mine, although the colour palette is similar to my Sea Foam series. If you do fancy a bit of floral whimsy and delight on your wall, I have listed both artwork designs on my ETSY store

This is also my new blog. Hello. 

I expect to be visiting here weekly to share a glimpse into the world behind Unratio. 



August 31, 2022

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