Vibrant orange trumpet-shaped flowers flourishing in Dalat's 'City of Eternal Spring', symbolizing the rich floral diversity and temperate climate of Southern Vietnam's highlands.

Nestled in the picturesque highlands of Southern Vietnam, Dalat is a dreamy destination renowned for its stunning landscapes, cool climate and vibrant floral displays. Often referred to as the “City of Eternal Spring,” Dalat’s unique geography and temperate weather provide the perfect conditions for a diverse array of flowers to flourish throughout the year.

Beyond the carefully curated gardens and festivals, you’ll find flowers gracing every corner of Dalat. Flowers are an integral part of Dalat’s charm. It is my kind of city. The diverse selection of flowers found in Dalat reflects the city’s rich cultural heritage and its fusion of Vietnamese, French and Indigenous influence.

Delicate yellow bell-shaped flowers blooming in Dalat, embodying the cool, crisp air and picturesque landscapes celebrated in the highland city.
Vast hydrangea farm in Dalat with clusters of blue flowers, highlighting the region's unique geography that nurtures diverse flora throughout the year.

Hydrangea fields at Puppy Farm | Dalat | Vietnam

Close-up of a blue hydrangea in Dalat, its lush blossoms thriving in the cool climate, akin to the fresh, springtime experiences in high altitude climates.
Field of vivid zinnia flowers in an array of pinks, reds, and oranges, a testament to Dalat's vibrant floral displays and rich cultural heritage.

Colourul patch of flowers in downtown Dalat | Vietnam

Bright yellow hibiscus with a deep red center, flourishing in Dalat, a city where flowers grace every corner and add to its enchanting charm.
Dalat's natural splendor captured in a serene waterfall surrounded by lush vegetation, with a foreground of blooming flowers, inviting exploration on foot.

Datanla Waterfall | Dalat | Vietnam

An exotic, brightly-hued tropical flower found in Dalat, representing the city's fusion of Vietnamese, French, and Indigenous influences.
A striking red anthurium flower against a backdrop of green, reflecting the beauty of Dalat's gardens and the cool, comfortable climate for outdoor wandering.
Artistic depiction of blue flowers on a white wall above a vase of daisies, resonating with Dalat's artistic flair and the natural artistry of its floral abundance.

As you drive around Dalat and the surrounding countryside, what stuck out to me is the sheer number of greenhouses of industrial scale. I have quite honestly never seen such a high density of greenhouse structures built on the hills, in the valleys and quite literally everywhere. Flying out of Dalat, I had a window seat and the patchwork of greenhouse farms is incredible. Of course, the fertile ground is perfect for growing vegetables,which are also grown here prolifically.

Outside of the city, farms are turned into interesting tourist attractions. I visited a tomato farm and a hydrangea farm.

A patchwork of industrial-scale greenhouses in Dalat's countryside, as seen from above, showcasing the city's extensive agricultural prowess and greenhouse farms.

View of Dalat from above, showing the patchwork of greenhouses.

Lush poinciana tree with radiant red flowers viewed from above, exemplifying Dalat's moniker as the 'City of Eternal Spring' and its year-round floral splendor.

Looking down at a Poinsettia tree at the Crazy House | Dalat | Vietnam

Lush green monstera plants with their distinctive split leaves, contrasting against a beautifully arranged herringbone brick pathway, capturing Dalat's blend of natural beauty with human-crafted artistry.
Up-close perspective of orange cherry tomatoes ripening on the vine in a Dalat greenhouse, illustrating the city's impressive and expansive approach to agriculture in its cool highland climate.

Tomato greenhouse at Puppy Farm | Dalat | Vietna

Rows of ripe orange tomatoes hanging from lush plants inside a greenhouse, reflecting the agricultural ingenuity and the verdant fertility of Dalat's surrounding countryside
Succulent red tomatoes clustered on a vine in a Dalat greenhouse, capturing the essence of the city's bountiful and fresh produce, nurtured in its temperate highland climate.
Endless rows of vibrant tomato plants laden with ripe fruit stretch down a long pathway in a Dalat greenhouse, illustrating the region's robust agriculture and the eternal spring that nurtures such abundant growth.

The cool climate (I had to wear a jacket it was that fresh) makes for exploring on foot and wandering the many hills and valleys, so much more comfortable. It was a reprise from my usual sweaty adventures in South East Asia.

For me Dalat felt familiar. I have lived in high altitude climates in Australia that experience amazing spring flowers every year and have cool, crisp air. The pine tree studded landscape reminded me of home. A feeling of familiarity produces such a nice mental break from the rigours of travelling in foreign places. My time here was spent outdoors, walking, climbing stairs and smelling flowers.

Night falls over Dalat, with warm lights illuminating the city's charming architecture and narrow lanes, evoking the serene and homely atmosphere that resonates with the familiar comfort of highland living.

View of the narrow lanes and steep hills in central Dalat at night | Dalat | Vietnam

December 26, 2023

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