Twilight at Kampot fair with a vintage carousel ride, pastel-painted boats adorned with lights, against a backdrop of a soft sky and local market stalls.

It was a balmy evening. I was tired from a full day of travel when I arrived in Kampot in southern Cambodia. Not wanting to be caught up in the frenetic energy of the streets after dark, I headed off to explore the immediate block, while the clouds gently diffused sunset.

The streets unfurled, spacious and inviting, filled with the mechanical chirps of artificial swallows. This was a clever ruse to allure swiftlets to their engineered homes above. These swiftlets weave their nests from saliva, creating a highly sought after and expensive culinary delicacy. It was some time before I discerned the shrill symphony overhead was a recording.

Kampot night market carousel with vibrant turquoise boat ride, illuminated by fairy lights, against the early evening sky, with local vendors in the background.
Evening view of a pink-hued carousel boat with vibrant light decorations in Kampot, as local life buzzes in the market background with shoppers and scooters.

In this orchestrated twilight, the light took on a poetic quality, a tender confluence of the days final blush and the shy twinkling of nascent night lights. This gentle luminescence draped a veil over the harsher edges of street light, softening the starkness of poverty with its forgiving glow.

I could see what looked like a small fair nestled in a quadrant of modest night market stalls that were setting up across the street. The scent of char grilled chicken wove through the air, as smoke tendrils curled skyward. There amongst the stalls stood an old well worn timeless carousel with a fleet of pastel painted boats.

Kampot evening fair with a close-up of a nostalgic carousel boat in pastel pink, lit by delicate lights under a cloudy sky, with market life stirring in the background.
Early evening at Kampot market with a view of a whimsical carousel featuring turquoise boats, ready for nighttime riders, amidst the bustling local vendor stalls.
Kampot market's enchanting carousel with a boat ride glowing under the evening sky, offering a glimpse into the vibrant street life and culture.

It was a quiet scene, the night market slowly picking up pace around this fixture that seemed as though it had been there forever, watched over by the steady rhythm of market life in Kampot.


February 02, 2024

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