Book cover art (Final Payment)

$148.00 AUD
By unratio

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This is the final payment for your custom book cover illustration. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you to bring your vision to life. Looking forward to the next one! 

Here's what you received: 

  • An original, high-resolution cover art design tailor-made to fit your printed novel's dimensions (5” x 8” and 6.5" x 8") plus the large artwork jpeg file. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Final digital files via a Dropbox link to the email you provided. 
  • Your exclusive rights to use the artwork are solely for your book cover and related marketing materials. 
  • Please don't change, copy, or share the artwork without checking with me first.
  • Once your novel is published I will showcase the artwork in my portfolio or for promotional purposes, giving you credit of course.
  • This commission is for artwork only; typography services are not included.
  • Copyright of the artwork remains with Unratio.